A personal injury attorney is a person who provides legal help for someone who has been financially or physically hurt due to another person’s negligence. A personal injury attorney is capable and can guide/assist you to take the steps against the individual responsible for that particular accident. If you are going through the similar situation, then Glass & Robson are the best personal injury attorneys in Atlanta.

Our personal injury firm operates on a motto to get good results for our clients and one aspect of the type of practice that we envisioned for the firm. We are ethical, aggressive, and talented trial attorneys who help people to put their lives back on track when they have suffered a loss or if they are seriously injured. We have established a special empathy with our clients, by earning their confidence as well as trust by frequently updating them about the case to make sure they know where the case is headed.

We have the grit, intellect, and the drive to take our cases to the limit as far as they need to be taken to deliver the required results for our clients surely deserve. We also specialize in representing people who have suffered wrongful deaths or injuries due to defective products. If a product has a flawed design, then there is a huge possibility that most of the products with that design will be probably defective. Any product having a manufacturing defect is often designed cautiously, but still, it obtains a defect when it undergoes the manufacturing process.

Even if they are manufactured safely, they contain inherent dangers. If used in appropriately power tools, electronic devices, medications, and paints can cause serious injuries. The manufacturers have the responsibility to provide understandable and clear warnings or precise instructions, which informs people about how to use the product safely. A product warning can sometimes be defective if the manufacturer has learned about the product after it entered the market. A product that fails to put warnings on to the place of packaging is defective. We can seek immediate recovery from the manufacturer on your behalf. We have established ourselves as the Atlanta’s best product liability lawyers.

Apart from this, our firm is also the renowned for the best Atlanta’s slip and fall attorneys, truck accident attorneys, brain & spinal cord attorneys, car and motorcycle attorneys, and more. For more information regarding our services feel free to visit our website


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